Sensual Audio AMSRotica

Have you tried listening to some really hot audio?  I would describe the experience much like a very sexy (very wet) waking dream. Unlike with traditional audio books, you aren't just hearing about the main character. With sensual audio you are the main character.  The room gets hot, everything else melts away and it's just you, the voice and gang of body lovin' tingles. Throw in the right amount of ASMR techniques and you will be reduced to a puddle. I've written several of these exclusively for my awesome narrators and their amazing voices. They're not just sexy audio pros, they're just plain sexy period! As my collection grows, you'll find a traditional story or two in the mix as well.  Stories written by me include my avatar. Other's are my personal favorites linked from friends around the web. So, what are you waiting for?  Grab your earbuds and dive in!

Birthday Girl, a very sexy audio story, is spoken by Gael of Gaelforce Audio.  He has the most alluring Gaelic accent and a panty-soaking sweet and sexy vibe.  I think he's the perfect fit for my style of writing.  If you want more of Gael, and I am positive that you will, visit him on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and his website.

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