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Willpower is overrated.

Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor, Kyle Hunter, is a Marine Corps vet, the son of a US Senator and the prodigal heir of American corporate royalty. He’s rich, smart and a notorious flirt. Kyle Hunter is also in love with his best friend. So why did he tell Manny they could never see each other again?

Manny Tescadero isn’t about to be hurt twice. He’s lost a lot and if there’s one thing he learned in Afghanistan, it’s to defend yourself and those who need you at all costs. When Rebecca Sinclair lands on his doorstep, his honor won’t let him turn her away. His heart won’t let him pretend there isn’t more to it than a soldier’s code. But new love interests aren’t part of the mission plan; not when he’s still in love with someone else.

Rebecca Sinclair has never been good at letting loose. As a librarian she has her dream job and a new start with an amazing apartment in the city that never sleeps. She thought she was happy until everything she’s worked for is gone in a flash. Turns out having it all may just mean something else entirely.

There are a mountain of reasons why they shouldn’t be together and not one stands a chance of keeping them apart.

This standalone novel is part of the Love Has No Regrets Collection of books that includes, The Polished Series and Unmatched Series.

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The first thing he saw in the sharp daylight was a white BMW and the tall, blond man it belonged to leaning against the passenger side. His morning had certainly taken a sharp turn south.

Kyle stood up when he spotted Manny coming.

Manny marched up to him. “What, are you stalking me now?”

“Well, stalking you at your job again was just over the top. Figured you might be staying with your Nana. Would have called but you changed your number.” He shook his head, curling his lip at the corner. “That was just cold.”

“Nana passed away.”

“What? When? You didn’t call me?”

Manny had a hard time looking at Kyle, knowing the hurt he would find in his eyes. There would also be concern, because Kyle knew very well that Nana Jeanette had been Manny’s last living relative who gave two shits about him. “Right after we came home. Heart attack.”

“I’m so sorry.” Kyle closed the distance between them.

Manny couldn’t get his legs to move away. When Kyle’s arms closed around him, Manny realized he hadn’t been able to let the loss be real until that moment. What perfect fucking timing. He took a deep, shaky breath. “It’s fine. I’m good.”

“She loved you. I wish I could have been there.”

“It was a small service. Just her boyfriend and his family, the few friends who are still around.”

“Let me drive you to work,” Kyle said, opening the passenger door. “That’s where you’re going, right?”

Manny thought for a second about getting into Kyle’s car. What were the rules here? When Kyle said that he had to stop seeing Manny, that it would be just too hard to be around him without wanting more, Manny had thought he’d seen the last of Kyle Hunter. But only two months later here Kyle was with the exact opposite agenda. The worst part was the way every cell in Manny’s body needed to get into that car.

“Hey,” Wilson called from the window of his Mercedes as he exited the garage. “Don’t wait up tonight.”

Manny flipped him the middle finger and Wilson just laughed, turning his car into traffic.

“Who was that?” Kyle asked.

“Nobody. Let’s go.” Manny ducked inside the BMW.

Kyle stared after the gray sedan, looking like he could skin Wilson alive. Manny’s cock twitched, noting the predatory set to Kyle’s jaw as he rounded the hood to the driver’s side.

“Nobody seems like a real asshole.” Kyle said and got behind the wheel.

“I can handle him.”

“No doubt. I know exactly what you can handle.” Kyle shifted his gaze to Manny, and his expression softened. “I wanted to give you the security passes for mom’s fundraiser. You are coming, right?”

“I’ll be there.”

“You know you still have family.”

“Do I?” Manny knew what he meant. How many holidays had he spent with the Hunters after breast cancer finally took his mother? Just yesterday, he’d wondered if he’d ever see any of them again.

“Always. I meant it when I said I’d been a complete ass. I’ll always be here for you.”

“That means a lot.”

“Do you think about it? You know…us?”

Manny sighed. “Fucking all the time, man.”

They stopped at a light. Kyle slid his hand onto Manny’s thigh and into his crotch. Manny took it and placed it back on the gearshift with a weak shake of his head.

“The girl?”


“She must be something. I mean, how long have you known her?”

“Not long.”

“Is she good for you?”

Manny shifted his eyes and then found the strength to look back into his searing gaze. “You mean is she better for me than you?”

“I mean, are you happy?”

“Don’t ask me that. I want something I can’t have. I have something I shouldn’t want. Does that sound like a happy situation?”

Kyle tilted his head. “It sounds totally fucked up.”


“Am I the ‘can’t have’ or the ‘shouldn’t want’?”

“Fuck, dude. You’re a little of both.”

Kyle suddenly pulled to the curb. He threw the car into park and shifted toward Manny. “I came out to my mother.”

Manny’s eyes widened. “No fucking way. When?”

“A couple of days ago. She didn’t even really freak over it. I think I heard her mumble something about the gay vote. Fucking typical.”

“And your dad? What did he say?”

Kyle tucked his chin and pressed the corners of his mouth downward in the perfect impression of his father’s signature indignation. “Since when does anyone consult me on these matters?”

“Oh, man. Sometimes I just feel sorry for you and that gene pool of yours.”

Kyle laughed. “Yeah, well anyway I’m out. I told them I’m gay.”

“Are you gay? What about when that girl I was seeing sophomore year at Annapolis wanted to try out a threesome?” He paused. “And when I wanted to do it again with the girl I dated senior year.”

“I hooked up here or there but mostly the women I slept with in college were dating you.”

“You don’t really like women?”

“Dude, you know firsthand how much I like women. You were inches away, remember? Guess that makes me bi, but gay was just easier to explain to my mother. Anyway, there was just something extra special about sharing a woman with you, even if it was just for fun. Kind of left me wishing it could always be like that.”

“Shit. Why does that make sense to me?”

“Because we’re two peas in a pod, you dummy.”

Manny cut him a slanted smirk and shook his head, all the while knowing what a simple truth that really was.

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