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We've had quite a blistering summer so far. Hot and sweaty isn't always so sexy, no matter what my compadres and I might write. I've been known to wilt a bit under the relentless sun; tongue out, hair plastered to my forehead.  I can't say that the ice cube melting on my neck is for effect.

If I could wish for one thing it would be  for my hunky heroes to come to life and fan me  for hours with ostrich feathers while I sucked grapes from their lips.  Too indulgent?  How about a massage chair? Or a new laptop.  But really I'd wish for time to slow down a bit.  Hot as hell or not, I wouldn't mind a chance to stop and smell the baked asphalt.  The summer is half over and back to school shopping is creeping into my to do list. Before I know it Christmas will be here for real!  

Leave a comment about your Christmas in July wish and enter to win!  There are gifts to be had all around in my MMF menage By Surprise, up for grabs in print.  Enter to win a singed copy of the Etopia Press anthology Surprised by Seduction also featuring stories from authors April Angel and Eden Summers.  

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People are already raving about Polished!! They say its hotter than HOT and a great emotional read.  To celebrate I'm running a giveaway for all my fans old and new.  5/24 - 5/30

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              Is there anything hotter than a man with a protective streak?  

How about twins with the singular focus of guarding their woman from harm?  Even fiercely independent women can admit there’s nothing like knowing you’ve got strong arms to catch you if you fall. The same goes for M/M. 

My heroines and male protagonists are smart and capable, each and every one of them.  The men they all fall for have one thing in common.  They won’t stand for anything or anyone hurting the people they love.   These hot heroes will get down right ornery about it if they have to, and they don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.  They’ll even try to protect their girl or guy from themselves when necessary—a little self sacrifice is a small price to pay. 

            Here are my Hot Heroes in their own words.  Which one is your favorite?

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Paxton, from By Surprise, Etopia Press

Nicholas lost sight of the bad news he’d received only an hour ago. The day looked better in Paxton’s arms, so did the future. He’d get another job, do what he needed to get by. They’d be OK as long as they had each other.

“You’re mine forever, Nicky,” [Paxton] whispered as 
Nicholas spilled from Paxton’s hand, hot pearly ropes into the air.

Pryor, from Double Take, Etopia Press

[T]hey were both silent, waiting on a further response from the other. Shannon spoke first. “Take off your visor. I want to see your eyes when I say this.” She removed hers as well. “If I’m going to be with you in this, putting myself on the line with you, I will be doing it of my own accord.” Shannon’s hazel eyes narrowed with intensity, intending to make no mistake about how serious she was. “I will not be kept in the dark.”

Pryor swallowed, licking his lips in the face of her sudden demands. His eyes were equally intense. “I’ll do my best.”

“Your best?” Shannon locked her jaw and folded her arms. “You’ll give me your word or you’ll turn this vehicle around right now and take me back.”

This made Pryor smile. “Shannon, I can’t make that promise.” His eyes softened. “I will, however, truly do my best. But this is not some game we’re playing here. I needed to be sure I’d get your recommendation; it was imperative to the mission. And I don’t know if there will come another time when I’ll need to be elusive for the sake of the cause, or for your safety maybe.”

He put his visor back on and started to put the vehicle in drive. “Now stop talking to me like some kind of badass, you’re making my dick hard.”

Tristan, from Double Take, Etopia Press

The sound of the locked door 
releasing caused Shannon to look 
up from her plate. Tristan had let himself into the apartment with the barcode on his arm.

“Looks like Pry’s taking good care of 
you,” he said, slipping into the room and dropping a duffle bag on the floor with a clank.

“Reinforcements?” Pryor asked, plating the third steak for his brother.

“Never once regretted having too many guns.” Tristan took a seat next to Shannon at the table and curled his fingers into her hair. “I’m not a fan of regrets.”

Evan, from Bittersweet, Xcite Romance

"Sabrina, there's no way I'm going to let your heart break into pieces without being there to help you find a way to mend the cracks."  His mouth blew smoky puffs in the evening chill as his chest heaved with determination.  He stepped toward me, with hands out and an expression as serious as I'd ever seen.  "Don't shut me out, Sabrina.  Not when you don't have to face this alone." 

Jimmy, from SEND, Xcite Books

I smile at her, thinking how her eyes light up when she steps onto the wild side. I never planned to let it get this far, but oh, God, I couldn’t help it. Tina is such an irresistible mix of sweet and sexy, smart and witty, that I found myself breaking my first rule, don’t make it personal and then the next, don’t get too close. After that, there was no stopping.  If I’m honest, I know what role I’ve played in putting her in my car, on the way to my bed. Maybe it was karmic happenstance that brought me into the company of her asshole boyfriend. But it was my selfish desire to see her rid of him that was the catalyst for this entire adventure.

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Well really it's a release weekend giveaway, but who's complaining about semantics?  I have a $15 Amazon gift card for a lucky winner who helps get the word out about Double Take.  If you like menage and alpha men and hot twins and would just eat up a chance to have all three wrapped up in a gritty post-apocalyptic sexually charged package, then you are a lot like me.  So, like me on Facebook for 1 entry point, or tweet about Double Take for 2 entry points, or share Double Take's trailer if we're already friends for 5 entry points, or download the free sample on and comment below with your favorite quote for 10 entry points.  Giveaway managed by Rafflecopter below. GOOD LUCK! 

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