A Sweet Collection Of Curated Kink

I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of certain things.  I love wine, I love gardening and I love good sexy fun. I'm sharing my stash, because I know how hard it is to find the good stuff.  You'll find contributions from and collaborations with some of the sexiest minds in quality erotica and erotic romance. 
Relax, get comfortable and enjoy!! xx 

There's nothing quite like filthy whispers in your ear, telling you how much you're desired.  Not to mention the raspy moans and manly sighs that go along with them.  Sensual Audio immerses you in the story like nothing else.  Listen and take a mind trip with me.  All you need are your earbuds and maybe an extra pair of undies. Gritty, kinky, sweet and saucy... yes please, all of the above!

Featured voice artist: Gael of Gaelforce Audio

One of the most coveted sensual voices out there, Gael brings the tingles on in full-force with his delicious Irish accent.  You can find Gael on Tumblr.  For a more vanilla taste of Gaelforce Audio check Gael out on YouTube.

My Favorite Authors  

When I'm not writing my own hot story or HEA romance, I like to cozy up with a book from one of these talented authors.  They are my personal favorites and they've graciously allowed me to share a story or two with you.  Find some new favorites of your own. Cheers to my friends and colleagues, and thank you for your awesomeness!

 Tumblr Collection
Cock Worship, Samarel

Visit my Tumblr collection of breathtaking works from the web's most talented artists. More than photographs, though there are plenty of beauties in the medium to appreciate, I am enthralled with fine art renderings of pleasure. If you're on Tumblr be sure to connect and share at will. Show the artists some love as well.