By Surprise

Sex that's twice as good, love that's three times stronger.

When Jodi returned to Burlington after a nasty divorce, broke and without a much needed place to sculpt, she never expected to bump into Paxton, her best friend from growing up. With her unresolved feelings for him still smoldering, it was a shock to find him married—to a great guy. But when Paxton and Nicholas offer her a room for rent in their too-big, too-expensive Victorian, complete with a turret to use as her art studio, it seems like the perfect solution for everyone. Until Jodi overhears Nicholas and Paxton making love—and finds herself burning hotter than she ever imagined.

Nicholas always knew his husband Paxton was bi-sexual, but finding his forgotten stash of cheerleader DVDs makes him wonder if Paxton's been tamping down his old desires. As strong as their love is, he knows there are things he just can't give Paxton...or can he? He decides to get Paxton a very special birthday present—a night with a woman—a no-strings arrangement to grant him the fantasies Nicholas isn't equipped to fulfill. But when he meets Paxton's best friend Jodi, Nicholas finds himself facing new feelings of his own. If only he could stop imagining Jodi's body wedged between Paxton and him and figure out what to do...
Paxton had this really sexy habit of narrowing his eyes into a smoky squint when he wasn’t exactly telling the whole story. Nicholas never minded Paxton’s elusive answers. The truth would come out one way or another. Nicholas had his ways.

“So you’re telling me that you never get the urge to be with a woman anymore.” Nicholas pressed the subject over their lazy Sunday breakfast. He’d prepared Belgian waffles and Canadian bacon for him especially because they were his favorite.

“Why do you insist on trying to find a loophole? I married you. I’m completely in love with you.” Paxton looked at his long-time lover, now legal spouse of two years.

Nicholas couldn’t help but smile back into those slivered chestnut irises. “Not a loophole, just the honest truth.” He poured Paxton some juice. “I started cleaning out the shed yesterday, and I found some old pictures of you and Marcy.”

“That was a long time ago.” Paxton sliced into his stack of waffles. “What got you in the mood to clean out that clutter dump all by yourself?”

“I want to turn it into a greenhouse. But, don’t change the subject.” Nicholas did his best to sound playful. “You dated Marcy for a long time. I know you loved her. I don’t believe your attraction to women has just evaporated completely.” He wanted to understand, needed to know if the not-so-old cheerleader gang-bang DVDs he’d found in a different box were something he should be concerned about.

Paxton licked his lips in a thoughtful pause. “What are you getting at, Nicky?”

Nicky. Only Paxton called him that, and it wasn’t a secret that Nicholas melted a little every time. Paxton had his own ways as well, it seemed.

Nicholas cleared his throat and pressed forward with the issue at hand. “Your birthday is coming up next month.”

Paxton looked confused now. “OK, how does that tie in with this crazy conversation?”

“I want us to have a threesome, with a woman.” The words popped like a cork, surprising both of them. Nicholas had meant it to sound more suave, more seductive. But that was Paxton’s specialty, not his.

Paxton froze mid slice into his second bite of waffles. “What?”

“I know you heard what I said.”

“Uh…this is sudden.”

“I love you, Paxton, and I want you to have this.” He leaned over and put his hand in Paxton’s lap, rubbing his cock. “It’s just sex, right? Why should you have to hide a part of yourself away? I love all of you.”

Paxton put down his knife and fork and placed his hand on top of Nicholas’s as it sought the outline of his suddenly swelling shaft. “You really mean that?”

Nicholas smiled. He did mean it. Paxton had accepted him and loved him entirely for six years. To know there was something Paxton needed that he kept hidden from him was like a punch to the gut. He thought they shared everything; thought there needn’t be any secrets. The minute he found that box of porn hidden away under the pesticides, he wasn’t mad at Paxton. He was mad at himself for not being the kind of lover that Paxton could trust with his deepest desires. Pure openness—that was the kind of relationship he wanted.

“I’m not as delicate as you like to think, Paxton,” he said. “Besides, we’ve had a threesome before. Remember how hot that was?”

“Yeah, but it was with that sexy waiter we picked up in Cabos on vacation.”

Nicholas leaned in. “This is going to be even better.”

“Do you have someone in mind?” Paxton asked and started slicing into his waffles again, the tension in his face replaced by an easy grin.

“Not yet, but now that I know you’re on board, I’ll be on the search for just the right playmate.” Nicholas started eating, too, laughing between bites. “I mean, just in case I was wrong I didn’t want to spring some big-chested bimbo on you, all out of the blue.”

Paxton’s voice was suddenly serious. “You’re never wrong about me, Nicky.”

“I know, babe.” Nicholas said, brushing the back of his fingers against Paxton’s morning stubble. “I know.”


Anonymous said...

Looks like a hot menage, Jodi really landed 2 keepers. This is a nice HEA story.

Alyssa Turner said...

Hi Suzanne! Oh I do so love my two guys Paxton and Nicholas. Jodi is a lucky girl. Thanks for reading.