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You can’t have it all until you lose everything...

Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor, Kyle Hunter, is a Marine Corps vet, the son of a US Senator, and the prodigal heir of American corporate royalty. He’s rich, smart, and a notorious flirt. Kyle Hunter is also in love with his best friend, Manny. But after they’re discharged for improper behavior, he breaks it off. The last thing he wants to do is create a national scandal during his mother’s bid for re-election.

Manny Tescadero isn’t about to be hurt twice. But when Rebecca Sinclair lands on his doorstep, claiming the apartment is hers, his honor won’t let him turn her away. Even though new love interests aren’t part of the mission. Not when he’s still in love with Kyle…

Rebecca Sinclair thinks she has it all—her dream job and an amazing apartment in the city. But when she’s laid off and returns to the old apartment that she’d sublet to a friend, she finds instead the woman’s grandson—a hot Afghanistan vet with problems of his own. Rebecca finds her attraction to Manny heating up, but when Kyle returns and finds Manny and Rebecca together, the heat becomes explosive. The three form a bond that none of them can deny, although old hurts and new desires keep everyone on edge. Rebecca never dreamed having it all could mean having sex with—and feelings for—two incredibly hot guys at once. But when a former lover threatens to send pictures to the media, having it all could mean losing everything…


Manny tried to appear as though he wasn’t watching her, stealing glances at Rebecca through the pass-through as she washed up the last of the dishes. She’d insisted on doing it, as if another protest from him would result in something close to a tantrum. He knew to be afraid of sentences that didn’t have an ending: “If you don’t let me clean up after that amazing meal you fed me…” She’d even brandished the spatula at him.

Nope, not going there. Manny recognized a fight that he couldn’t win when he saw it. Now, he couldn’t wait for her to finish, so they could watch some TV together, like they’d done the night before. Nothing special, but damn if he wasn’t itching for her to get those pretty legs curled up next to him. It was crazy, but he missed her. Why had he pushed her away when his cock knew what it wanted?

Because his heart was tied up in someone else’s knot. A few hours earlier Kyle had only kissed him on the cheek and his body had all but caught fire. But Rebecca’s kiss had washed over him like a warm bath. He could soak in the sweetness he’d discovered in her. The soft coos she made when his tongue stroked against hers had made him want to know if they’d be louder once it stroked her clit.

Fuck, he was still hard. So why not slip behind her at the sink and press his cock into the cleft of that gorgeous ass, cup those perky breasts into his hands and tell her how much he wanted to give her the best orgasm she’d ever had?

Ninety days. Twenty-five more to go.

As flirtatious as he could be, Manny had never been one to sleep around. Not that he had any lack of opportunities, but he wasn’t the type to do anything half-assed. If he was going to make love to someone, he wanted to feel it in more than just his dick. Anything less than real just wasn’t worth his time.

The thing with Kyle didn’t fit into either category. With all the sneaking and hiding, how real could it have been? In the middle of a war, thousands of miles away, they’d discovered a part of each other that for Manny became wholly addictive. His chest ached thinking about their narrow escapes from ground fire, finding themselves high on being alive and then horny as hell. The first time Kyle kissed him had been kind of a joke. Alone in their barracks, he planted him with a big I’m-so-glad-to-be-alive-I-could-kiss-you smackeroo, slapping his hands onto Manny’s face and drawing him in with comedic exaggeration. Manny had laughed, but Kyle then turned serious.

“Fuck man, if I had lost you…” His touch became molten on Manny’s face in that instant. Kyle swept his lips over his chapped, sunburned skin, and he trembled just slightly at the touch. Their mouths had then crashed into action with a roaring hunger that demanded satisfaction, no matter what.

Manny felt carried away on a wave of desire that was at once thrilling and natural. Kyle knew him better than anyone, and the two cared deeply for one another; it wasn’t a secret. In that wooden shed of a barracks they called home, they were alone—for how long, neither of them knew for certain. But Kyle had awakened an out-of-control craving in him that didn’t really give a fuck if someone walked in.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell might have just been repealed, but making out with your active-duty gunner copilot wasn’t exactly behavior befitting an officer. It had been a stupid risk, something Manny had stopped taking years ago. He liked to have his bearings, liked knowing what to expect. Kyle scrambled everything he thought he knew about himself. Was he gay now? He didn’t feel gay. He hadn’t even considered being with another man before. Deep down Manny knew it didn’t matter. Whether he’d ever want to be with another man or not, he wanted Kyle like he wanted air.

But what now? Kyle was New York’s most eligible bachelor, for Christ’s sake, and Manny had leftovers older than whatever he had going on with Rebecca. And yet, she already felt like a part of his life. He scrubbed his face with the heels of his palms, like a revelation would magically appear if he’d only open his eyes.

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