Go Deeper - new MMF in series

 Go Deeper, Working It In book 2 is full of the sexy fun with a side of emotion my new series is all about. 

I really love writing guys with of bit of an asshole edge to them. The term alphahole is a decent fit for my new character Dustin. I don't exactly know why, but I suspect a tiny little asshole lives somewhere in most of us and it's fun to safely let them out to play once in a while. But if you know my writing, he will redeem himself, just give him a chance. Of course you've got to balance some of that dickishness with a sweetheart of a guy in Trevor. It's fun to wonder who my readers will love more.

Willa is stuck in the middle, but not how you might think. She's stuck between love and hate. There's an old saying that fits... thin line between the two. Yes, she will find herself between these two guys as well, but I really had fun with the push and pull between Willa and Dustin. Hope you will get to know these three soon!