Get Closer - first in new series


New MMF Ménage! 

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Get Closer is the first standalone in my new series Working It In. 

Welcome to the daily grind. There’s always a better position, a bigger salary, a more impressive bio. It’s time the ambitious young professionals at Hunter Railways national headquarters learn to feed something more than their hunger for success. Kyle Hunter has just taken his place on the board of directors of his family empire. With his girlfriend on one arm and his boyfriend on the other, he’s the best person to show them all the meaning of work / life balance.  Happiness isn’t always about working things out. Sometimes the best thing to do is work it in. 

Some of you may have read my short story Highly Inspired. It was included in the 2013 edition of Best Women's Erotica, edited by Violet Blue. It was one of my favorite short stories and their voices itched to be heard some more. So, Chloe and Russel got a second chance. But of course I couldn't leave it at that! I am a ménage author after all. Enter Martell who is both the glue and the force between them all. A nice dollop of push and pull tops this light and fun two-hour read off. I think you'll have a ball with these three. 

So close, I can almost touch it.

Yet another business trip, and I find myself seated next to a smoking-hot piece of eye candy on my flight to New York. Turns out he’s got a special talent for locating the free-spirit I thought I’d lost somewhere at the bottom of my laptop bag. He said it was nice to meet me, but I wouldn’t know how nice until we got very familiar with an airplane blanket and each other too. It was a crazy thing to do, just a onetime stunt. So why am I still thinking about him after five years?

The cutie I’m consulting with now at Hunter Railways should be a good distraction, only as my luck would have it, they know each other and it looks like they want to know each other even better. I should just go back to focusing on my career. That’s what I’ll do…except I can’t stop asking myself, what if I could have it all? What if they could too?

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