Swept in Audio

And....without further delay!  Swept is available on Audible with an incredibly dramatic performance from five great narrators. Erin Bateman is back as Rory, and she is joined by Jack Hawkins as Spencer, Adam Riley as Jack, Vivianna Marlowe as Samantha and Jack Walters as Oleg (Gorgeous Russian accent and all.)  I know...you're thinking, that's a lot of Jacks!  Well..there might well indeed be plenty more jacks to be found inside the book. 😁

I digress.  I wasn't easy on my characters in this book, there are highs that are only more sweet because of the journey they take through the tough stuff.  It took a real level of commitment from these performers to pull off the emotion I aimed to bring to this story.  I can't say how pleased I am!  If you'd like a little taste, whether you've read Swept or not, I think you'll see what I mean.

BUY SWEPT on Audible

BUT First...Get a huge preview of Polished if you haven't already.

These books can both be read alone, but the experience is much more intimate in order.

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