That New York Accent

Both Polished and Swept are set within the contrast of Upstate New York and Manhattan.  As a native New Yorker, I was particularly committed to presenting an authentic New York accent in the performance of Spencer who was raised in Queens.  What many don't realize is that there are at least seven different accents within the tri-state area.  Within New York there is a distinct accent for each borough of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan as well as Long Island.    George Orlando, who voiced both Spencer and Jack in Polished wasn’t available for Swept (touring with his band took him away from voice acting).  In Swept, Jack Hawkins did an amazing job delivering Spencer’s roughened NYC perspective while still accessing the sensitivity this character reveals to the two people he trusts.  Character Jack Rothman was raised wealthy on the upper east side of Manhattan and his accent is much more neutral.  Adam Riley, who voices Jack in all his dominant glory, is actually Canadian.  I think you’ll be impressed with his delivery of Jack in both Dom mode and as he faces the challenges of his vulnerability.  Rory hails from up-state where the accents are also more neutral.  Erin Bateman is back to give Rory a great rendition of her girl next door vibe.

Speaking of accents, Russian mobster, Oleg Balashov’s chilled confidence is delivered with a buttery smooth approach in exactly the manner that I conjured when writing Swept.  The actor Jack Walters who voiced Oleg has an Eastern European lineage which influenced his performance.  Lastly the spunky and vivacious Samantha, who first appeared in Make Me, makes another appearance in Swept and is voiced by Vivianna Marlowe. You’ll hear more from Vivianna in the upcoming release of Four Real in audio.

Here's Rory Jack and Spencer

Here's Oleg and Jack...

Swept in Audio

And....without further delay!  Swept is available on Audible with an incredibly dramatic performance from five great narrators. Erin Bateman is back as Rory, and she is joined by Jack Hawkins as Spencer, Adam Riley as Jack, Vivianna Marlowe as Samantha and Jack Walters as Oleg (Gorgeous Russian accent and all.)  I're thinking, that's a lot of Jacks!  Well..there might well indeed be plenty more jacks to be found inside the book. 😁

I digress.  I wasn't easy on my characters in this book, there are highs that are only more sweet because of the journey they take through the tough stuff.  It took a real level of commitment from these performers to pull off the emotion I aimed to bring to this story.  I can't say how pleased I am!  If you'd like a little taste, whether you've read Swept or not, I think you'll see what I mean.

BUY SWEPT on Audible

BUT First...Get a huge preview of Polished if you haven't already.

These books can both be read alone, but the experience is much more intimate in order.