Mamma Romance

What a romance author can teach her son.

The other day I was hit on in the most awkward way.  The worst part wasn’t that the man in question was a federal employee, with the power to make a simple task nearly impossible. It wasn’t that it happened with about twenty other people listening.  The fact that I’m happily married and let him know it was not the biggest issue. Yes, all that is cringe worthy enough!  The worst part of it was the terrible example the whole thing set for my son. 

If a romance author can clear anything up, it’s the right way and the wrong way to leave an impression on a woman. One day soon, I see a sit down in our future.  I may not be able to help him with math anymore, but how to speak to the female heart…this I know.

I think I’ll let him shrug off the willies first. (Never a dull moment.)