At last...Rory, Spencer and Jack's story continues in SWEPT

It has been a long time since you've heard what's happening with my three beloved friends from Polished.  Too long, you might say.  But while I once thought their story had been told, there were whispers in my head. In truth, Polished ended with a beginning--an engagement between Rory and Spencer and their acceptance of Jack as part of their relationship.  Yet even as their happy ending played out, each character still had some growing to do. It reads as a stand-alone or as a follow-up. 

Polished ends with Jack promising to be the man Rory and Spencer deserve. But what happens when Jack believes he has to sacrifice his Dominant pride to keep that promise? Rory's parents have learned to tolerate Jack's "special friendship" with Spencer and her. But how will Rory deal with telling them the whole truth about her and Spencer's commitment to Jack? In Polished, Spencer needed Rory's and Jack's help to face the reality of his bisexual desires. In this next book, it's Spencer who gains the strength remind both of them of what's important.

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Romantic Rendezvous with Rebecca, Kyle and Manny

Ah...wouldn't I like to be there right now!! From where I'm sitting, there's way too much snow and not enough sand.  Dreaming about warm sun, cool water and hot guys on a miserably cold day is a guilty pleasure of mine. If you're somewhere lucky enough to be enjoying weather like this, Manny and Kyle from Make Me are here to make your day perfect.  All we need now is a Rum Runner cocktail!

Here's an excerpt that takes place in Bermuda, where Kyle Hunter has taken Rebecca Sinclair on a luxurious getaway.  They've been waiting for Manny Tescadora, the third in this triad of lovers. Sex between the three of them is amazing, but now that their feelings are getting real, everyone is finding out how complicated it can be to fall for two people at once. No one said the road to bliss is easy. Here's a sexy bit of M/M action between Kyle and Manny.  NSFW...but you knew that already ;-)

Make Me, excerpt of Chapter 15

Manny found them curled up on the couch in front of the TV. He put the keycard down on the console and dropped his bag on the floor. Kyle pressed his finger to his lips and pointed at Rebecca’s head in his lap. She was fast asleep.
From the moment he entered the room, Manny could see the peaceful bliss that was her resting expression. He walked softly to them, not wanting to wake her. Kyle tracked his approach. Manny slanted his head carefully and took a soulful kiss from him, because regardless of the tug-of-war he’d had with his imagination the entire plane ride, he needed Kyle to know just how glad he was to be there. He dropped a soft kiss to Rebecca’s cheek. Kyle slipped out from under her and placed her head on a pillow. She stirred, but nestled down without awakening.
They headed outside, where torches lit the beach and the music from the resort restaurant floated in the air. Kyle had outdone himself with the swanky digs and the whole sexy getaway idea. No one recognized him here; no one cared that he was the son of a US senator or that he was heir to a US corporate dynasty. No one cared, because he was just another wealthy American tourist. Even Manny felt like the air was a little easier to breathe in Bermuda.
Manny glanced at the four condom packages scattered on the table next to the lounger. Two of them were empty. His stomach ached.
“So, tell me everything,” he said, sitting down. He kicked his shoes off and crossed his legs at the ankles.
Kyle joined him, taking a seat at the edge of the footrest. “What we’re doing with her is completely different from those other times back in college.”
Manny sighed. “Yeah, I know. I tried to tell you that up at the lake.”
Kyle looked out to the sea. He took the moment slowly, choosing his words carefully it seemed. There was a seriousness to the distant squint of his eyes. “I wanted you back in my life, and if that meant Rebecca came along with the package, I figured it wasn’t a bad deal.” Then Manny was treated to a more playful smirk. “She’s sexy as hell and you know I have a thing for the innocent ones.”
Manny rolled his eyes, determined not to be charmed. “You’re dancing around it. Just say what you want to say.”
“I think I could fall in love with her.” Kyle’s gaze ran a marathon around Manny’s face as if searching for a reaction.
Manny kept his face neutral even as he was singed by Kyle’s words, as if the edges of his confidence bore some kind of physical damage. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that before.”
“I said it to you.”
“About anyone else, I mean.”
“I made love to her right here on this deck lounger, and it was like I wanted to be inside her forever.” He sat up and leaned forward. Kyle’s lips almost touched Manny’s as he spoke. “I want that to be OK with you. I want you to feel like I feel when I watch you with her.”
“How is that?”
Kyle leaned into him. “Happy for you, because I know how you feel about her.” Manny felt Kyle’s tongue slide across the seam of his lips. “Horny as hell when I watch you fuck her.” His words now burned like a fuse down Manny’s spine.
The whole thing was confusing as hell. He couldn’t deny that what Kyle described sounded amazing. “I felt like a selfish prick because I wanted both of you.” Manny leaned closer still. “I didn’t want to make either of you feel like you had to compete for my attention.”
“I don’t feel that way.”
Manny pressed his lips together and shrugged. “It’s only been a week. Give it a while. It’s easy for someone to feel left out.”
“Is that how you feel right now?”
Manny didn’t answer him. He shook his head more out of a dismissal of Kyle’s question, hoping that he might even fool himself. Next to those ominous shadows of doubt glowed an ember of hope for the three of them. He took a deep breath. “Except if it’s like you said. We all dig each other so much that it’s cool just to know you’re with her and making her happy when I can’t be there.”
Kyle nodded. “Yeah. I want it to be like that.”
Manny knew he did too.
“If I’m honest I’ll admit I was hard the whole freaking trip out here, thinking about what you two were doing, even though it drove me crazy.”
“Poor baby.” Kyle pulled at the button on Manny’s pants.
“I really can’t wait to see you make love to her,” Manny said, letting out a hot breath as Kyle’s warm hand wrapped around his cock.
“She’s asleep right now,” Kyle said, sliding down his own basketball shorts and tossing them to the stone patio. Manny watched him take hold of himself with long strokes as he straddled the lounger and sat again. Then Kyle tucked his legs to his chest and raised his eyebrow at him.
It was a rare sight, to see Kyle on his back. Mostly Manny was on the receiving end of the one and only cock he ever dreamed about. But there were times, like this, when a need, rich and heavy, weighed in Manny’s groin for Kyle’s practically virginal ass. And there were times, like this, when Kyle shed all that cocky swagger and gave himself over to Manny. He cherished those times. Leave it to Kyle to know when he needed to top him, to claim him. Evidence of his desperation pointed due north from behind his zipper.
Manny pulled his shirt over his head and crouched down next to him, spreading Kyle’s cheeks and twirling his tongue against that sweet puckered hole. “You’re waxing now?”
“I’ll have you know that Manhattan’s bachelor of the month doesn’t have a hairy asshole.”
Manny flattened his tongue and swiped it over his silky skin, ending up lapping at both of Kyle’s balls. “I like it.”
“Good, you’re next. I’ll introduce you to Inga,” Kyle said through a hiss. He dug his fingers into Manny’s shoulder. “She’ll even put a leather strap in your mouth so you don’t bite your tongue off.”
Manny chuckled. “What would you do if I didn’t have my tongue?” He pressed it against Kyle’s asshole and savored the way it quivered for him. Tiny circles. Just the thing to drive Kyle crazy.
“I did it for you,” Kyle whispered, hitching his hips up.
“I know,” Manny answered and pushed his tongue into his best friend, hoping to hear him moan. When the moan came, Manny wet a finger, hoping it to make it louder.
“Ahhh…fuck yes.”
Manny wet another finger and pushed it into Kyle along with the first. He watched Kyle squirm and wrap his fist around his cock. Kyle stroked himself with slow, steady strokes and licked his full lips. He couldn’t look more perfect, more his, if he had had Manny’s name tattooed on his chest.
Manny picked up one of the condoms and shoved his shorts over his hips. He tore it open with his teeth, hurried it onto his granite erection, and lubed it generously. “I’ve been dreaming about this.”
“Fuck me good, Tescadero.”
Manny sunk into him a centimeter at a time at first, but then he wrapped his fingers around the back of Kyle’s neck and pulled him into what felt like the longest thrust ever known. He watched Kyle’s eyes widen and then his mouth open as Manny pushed deeper into a grip of pleasure unlike anything else. He rolled back, slowly, with the knowledge that soon Kyle would accommodate him fully and open up in a way that was reserved for only him.
It was a powerful feeling, to be seated inside the man who he had trusted with his life. That six-month hurt was fading inside. Manny could sense it slipping away, almost as if nothing bad had ever happened between them. It was easy to forget it all when the need to pour everything he felt for Kyle into his depths had full control of his entire being. Kyle opened for him and called him deeper with both hands on Manny’s hips.
“Oh…goddamn. That’s it.”
“You want it?” Manny said through gritted teeth. His balls were tight like walnuts in a vice. He whipped his hips faster, harder.
Kyle’s gaze locked tightly with his own. His eyes flamed for Manny, bright blue like the most dangerous of fires.
The orgasm flooded through Manny and rushed out of him with both joy and remorse. An eternity would have been too fast. He pulled out, taking care with the condom. Rebecca was at the patio door when he looked up. Or maybe she’d been there all along.
“I’m sorry…I wasn’t spying.”
“Come here. You’re too far away,” Manny said, knotting the condom. Kyle sat up and tossed him his shorts.
“You came,” she said.
Manny laughed. “I did.”
“How was your flight?” she asked, walking closer to them.
“It’s only two hours.”
“I couldn’t wait to get here.” He pulled her into his arms and suddenly felt that he needed to know something. “Glad to see me?”
He couldn’t stop smiling as she showered him with kisses. Then she pressed her lips together and peered over his shoulder at Kyle. “Did you tell him?”
Kyle stood up and slipped his arms around her from behind. His fingers stroked at Manny’s biceps. “Did I tell him how I couldn’t keep my hands off you? Yeah, I told him.” Kyle kissed her shoulder and then the space right at the beginning of her long neck.
Manny winked at her and tugged softly on one of those springy curls framing her pretty face. “I could use a little play-by-play reenactment maybe.”
Rebecca blew out a long breath. “I thought you might be upset.”
“If we’re going to do this, we’ve got to be equals and honest with each other at all times. I think that’s the only rule we need.” Manny hoped she understood his lack of jealousy didn’t mean he cared about her any less. Anybody other than Kyle would have gotten a fist sandwich for his efforts. “I had some time to think about it, and yes, it’s cool that you two got busy here in paradise while I spent the afternoon with blue balls.”
“Looks like Kyle started to make it up to you already.”
Kyle raised an eyebrow at her. “You were watching.”
She nodded.
“Gonna have fun watching you two tonight.” Manny grinned. “After dinner, that is. I’m starving.”
“In the restaurant?” she asked.
Rebecca’s face lit up. “This might be our first real date together.”
Manny swatted Kyle with the back of his hand. “Dude, she’s right. We are the most ass-backward boyfriends on the planet.”
“Boyfriends?” Rebecca asked, her voice strained and high-pitched.
Manny’s grin faltered. “Too soon?”
Rebecca cast her eyes downward for a moment, and when she lifted them again they had an odd glint to them—excitement or fear, Manny couldn’t tell.
“No. Too plain.” She batted her lashes at them. “I think I prefer loverboys.”
Manny frowned. “Seriously?” He shook his head. “That’s how you’ll introduce us?”
She snickered lightly. “It has an air of mystery.” She twirled her finger in the air above her head and flipped her hair dramatically, giggling all the while. “Give me twenty minutes. I’m going to change.” And she bounced back into the house.
Kyle turned to Manny. “She does that when she’s scared.”
“We’ll just have to be there when she stops.”
Manny nodded, knowing that he would and hoping that Kyle could.

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