The dawn of a new release is an exciting time; not a whole lot different than waiting to be picked up for a first date.  Boy was that a long time ago...but I still remember that prickly anticipation creeping up my spine  Make Me is coming in May.  Yes, yes...I know that's a long time to wait for a date.  But what if that date was with two gulp-worthy Marine vets; best friends who found solace in each other's arms?  What if that date was such a long time coming, you didn't even realize you needed it so bad?  I can't properly describe the power of the parallel universe that is my character's lives.  I have lived their struggle to be together for the last eight months.  That's a hell of long time to wait.  

So at last, I have a release date.  We have slated May 16 for the release of Make Me, my next MMF contemporary.  I am a ball of anticipation to share it and finally let Rebecca, Manny and Kyle loose on the world.