Dream Girl

I believe that I am the most brilliant at night…when I am asleep.  I dream big, in Technicolor clarity, without fear or hesitation.  My dreams are epic and entertaining, often comedic and somehow in some kind of Sybilesque way, surprising. I have actually been surprised by the twist revealed at the end of my dream.  I mean I am“Wow, I didn’t see that coming” kind of surprised.  I awake, might I dare say, rather impressed with myself and the rippling waves of creativity I surfed during my shuteye. 
“Honey,” I say, nudging my husband awake. “You would not believe the dream I had.”
He squints at me and yawns.  “Oh yeah? What was it about?”
Suddenly I’m blank. I remember the sensations, one nonsensical scene, maybe two.  “There was a guy, and he had this…um…this….”
“Um…wait, it was crazy, so good for a story…” I’m fried.  Perhaps all that brilliance has resulted in a short circuit.  “Never mind.”
“I’m going back to sleep.”

“Me too.”

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