Dream Girl

I believe that I am the most brilliant at night…when I am asleep.  I dream big, in Technicolor clarity, without fear or hesitation.  My dreams are epic and entertaining, often comedic and somehow in some kind of Sybilesque way, surprising. I have actually been surprised by the twist revealed at the end of my dream.  I mean I am“Wow, I didn’t see that coming” kind of surprised.  I awake, might I dare say, rather impressed with myself and the rippling waves of creativity I surfed during my shuteye. 
“Honey,” I say, nudging my husband awake. “You would not believe the dream I had.”
He squints at me and yawns.  “Oh yeah? What was it about?”
Suddenly I’m blank. I remember the sensations, one nonsensical scene, maybe two.  “There was a guy, and he had this…um…this….”
“Um…wait, it was crazy, so good for a story…” I’m fried.  Perhaps all that brilliance has resulted in a short circuit.  “Never mind.”
“I’m going back to sleep.”

“Me too.”

Hottest Summer Ever! Christmas in July Blog Hop

We've had quite a blistering summer so far. Hot and sweaty isn't always so sexy, no matter what my compadres and I might write. I've been known to wilt a bit under the relentless sun; tongue out, hair plastered to my forehead.  I can't say that the ice cube melting on my neck is for effect.

If I could wish for one thing it would be  for my hunky heroes to come to life and fan me  for hours with ostrich feathers while I sucked grapes from their lips.  Too indulgent?  How about a massage chair? Or a new laptop.  But really I'd wish for time to slow down a bit.  Hot as hell or not, I wouldn't mind a chance to stop and smell the baked asphalt.  The summer is half over and back to school shopping is creeping into my to do list. Before I know it Christmas will be here for real!  

Leave a comment about your Christmas in July wish and enter to win!  There are gifts to be had all around in my MMF menage By Surprise, up for grabs in print.  Enter to win a singed copy of the Etopia Press anthology Surprised by Seduction also featuring stories from authors April Angel and Eden Summers.  

Good Luck!!

Alyssa Turner, By Surprise - Free signed print anthology Surprised by Seduction