Menage for mainstream?

I, for one, would religiously tune into a weekly TV show that focused on a sexy polyamorous relationship. I mean, you would probably be able to set your watch to me sitting expectantly with a glass of wine, my comfy velvet pillow tucked up against me in my chair, my feet propped up, the door closed and my eyes glued. I would never miss it! It could even be a reality show. Ooh that might actually be better than fiction! 

OK, so there was Big Love on HBO, which focused on the polygamous relationship of a rebellious Mormon and his three wives. It was must see TV for me, but mostly for the drama. It wasn't exactly the sexiest thing on cable. Then there are the Mormon reality shows showcasing polygamy; a true sexy-fail! So why not? Why isn't there a sexually charged polyamorous TV show to tantalize our fantastic imaginations? Perhaps we aren't ready yet...but I have a feeling we don't know what we are missing!

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