Shopping with my girls - Character style

If there is one thing I love more than a good story, it's a great outfit.  Well, let's call it a tie at least.  So dreaming up outfits for my characters is a natural marriage of my two of my favorite things. This was more fun than it should have been for a grown woman!  I suppose my paper doll days are still with me. Check out what my girls are sporting this season.

Rory Campbell from my upcoming release Polished is an optimist at heart.  Her big heart is out there for everyone to see.  She'd totally wear bright sunny colors with a breezy casual spin.  Those Tory Burch ballet flats would have been bought on sale or maybe at a consignment shop. On a student's budget, she's wearing those things until they plain fall apart.  

Shannon Morris of Double Take is all about business at Eaglecorp. My over-achieving bombshell would be rocking the latest fashions of 2158.  Classic throwbacks are in, but only those form the very highest status class can afford authentic pieces from a time when fashion was more than a replicated uniform.  With the sun scorching outside, she's never without protective eyewear.

Jodi Tate from By Surprise has an edge to her.  She can't help it, she had it tough growing up. But she's an artist, so along with the shit kicking boots, Jodi has a softer bohemian slant to her style. Nothing get's thought about for too long, she just throws it on and goes.  Some people can just look good without even trying.

Whose style is closest to yours?


Beckey said...

Rory's is the closest to my everyday style minus the scarf, cluch bag & flats but add the sunglasses, large handbag & flip flops but have been known to dress like Shannon when I am with my family as its needed.

Anonymous said...

My style is never the same two days running. Sorry! But fab ide for a blog post. Loved it.
Shehanne Moore

Kabrini Message said...

Shannon is most like my style - I love the skirt and bag! This was so much fun - great idea Alyssa!

Jessica Freely said...

Jessica Freely here.

What a fun idea for a post!

I got into little skirts over leggings this winter -- kept my butt warm on those cold days! Now that it's spring I don't know what to wear anymore. LOL