I'm sad ... and I'm angry.


I would be the first to say I enjoy a good action packed novel or movie full of violence and intrigue, good guys and villains, blood, gore; sure why not?  

But that shit belongs in Hollywood!  

After living through the 911, I am horrified to know that terrorists have struck us again when we are at our most vulnerable--when we weren't expecting it.   If there is a place for innocents to be slaughtered over someone's idea its in FICTION!   I truly wish that human beings would use their generally superior intellect (as beings go) to create rather than destroy.  

I feel for the people enduring the Boston Marathon bombing.  I can not imagine losing a loved one to something so senseless.  My thoughts and prayers join millions across the world.  The horrible truth is that it only takes a few to horrify the many.

What sicken's me most is that this will surely not be the last time my stomach is turned by watching the news.  This is not the last time we will be shocked by the inhumanity around us.  There is no wonder I'd rather be reading (or writing) than anything else. My worlds are somehow not quite as ugly.