HEA my way.

I'm not all together sure every coupling in a romance needs to end up with marriage.  Maybe it's because I've been married for more than a few happy years that I can be so cavalier.  But after reading a slew of pretty spicy menages (I've been on kind of a marathon binge this past week), I'm a little tired of the HEA endings that commence in marriage.  I've even put a few books down at that point.  

It occurs to me that I have yet to write a proposal and wedding into a plot line, even in the one book where my characters eventually get married. Call me a rebel, (you might be on to something if you do) but I think I avoid writing the whole marriage as the perfect ending on purpose.  Not that I never will, and not that I haven't read some amazingly rewarding endings that focused on the nuptials--my hesitation is in getting caught up in a formula.  

Some of my favorite books leave the final details open for interpretation. Maybe they get married, maybe they don't.  I like the idea of imagining the continual progression of the relationship.  It keeps me thinking about the story I've read long after I've finished it.  

Any thoughts?


Jennifer James said...

It doesn't matter to me either way, but I will say that my book Long Time Coming, where the ending is more of a HFN without a clear cut ending has gotten some...disgruntled reviews. Some readers have been mad that the H/h don't seal everything up real nice and neat. *shrugs*

I think romance readers like the fantasy of a perfect marriage ending and perhaps that's why it's so prevalent.

Alyssa Turner said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for your take on this. I suppose there's something to be said about giving the readers what they crave.

Unknown said...

I can go either way on the subject. Any way you look at it, the book (and fairy tale) always ends before the work and hard times ever even begin. I'm happy as long as the characters are happy. I don't need everything wrapped up in a bow, but an excessive amount of loose strings does tend to unnerve me.