Old School Sexy

I'm known to have a slightly compulsive personality.  My latest kick is corsets.  Ask me how many real deal corsets I own and the answer is zero, until yesterday.  So now I eagerly await the arrival of the steel boned piece of beautiful torture my fore-mothers fought to banish into history.  Thanks to a late night internet raid, I am drowning with anticipation for slipping into my new obsession.

Corsets, I've found, have as much personality as any other article of clothing, if not more. I probably perused over 150 different designs before finding one that fit my own personal style.  (If there's one thing I love as much as feeling sexy, it's shopping.)  I also scored a pair of black rumba panties and I have the perfect pair of patent leather Mary Jane stilettos to go with it.  That's the new love of my life on the left.

Now I'm completely hooked. (No, that wasn't an intentional pun.)  The newbie that I am, I'll be trolling Amazon and Ebay for more corset deals.  Let you know when I graduate to the handmade, artful varieties I can only dream about, like the ones pictured below.

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