Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop

What makes a Hot Autumn Night?

As the weather cools in the Northeast US, we finally get a chance to build that long awaited fire in the fireplace.  Stretch me out on the rug in front of it and let me enjoy the flames licking at my skin.  Let the mysterious flickers swirl with unpredictable revelry around the room. The first fire makes me forget all about how much I like a cool glass of white wine on the back deck after a scorching summer day.  Now, I’ll swirl liquid garnet in my over-sized goblet and cherish the way it burns so good in my throat.  This is Fall.  The slight note of smoke in the air mixed with fruity red wine.  A silk robe falling off my shoulder as the heat of the fire warms.  A flirtatious eyebrow raised in a rhetorical question: Do I want some company?  

Stoke the fire, sweetheart and be my guest.

As an author of erotica and erotic romance I've written two stories set during the season of autumn.  Give Thanksgiving new meaning and read an excerpt of a scintillating first time lesbian experience in For the Good posted in my Free Reads section until Dec. 2 (Published in Wanton Women, Xcite Books 2011) 

By Surprise, a romance between a committed gay couple and the female childhood friend of one partner.  The garden is waning in Nicholas and Paxton’s back yard, but Jodi brings something fresh and new to their relationship.  By Surprise is my bestselling book from Etopia Press. Enter to win a free copy of By Surprise here!  Good luck and thanks for hopping by.

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Muscles and Mistletoe - Blog Hop

How could The Holiday Season be upon us already?  Hurricane Sandy hit and sort of turned my whole clock inside out.  Halloween never happened, Thanksgiving snuck up on me and before I know it I’ll be up until three in the morning wrapping gifts.  It’s a whirlwind.  So now that I’ve gorged myself on turkey and stuffing I’m making time for a different kind of feast before the ultimate hustle-bustle kicks in full blast.  Have your fill of manly muscles before it’s time to hang up the mistletoe.   If you're like me you'll scoop up some good erotic romances to unwind with after all that shopping.  If I can point to one great book that spanned the winter holidays it would be Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard.  Nothing hotter than getting it on in you childhood bedroom.  Happy Holidays everyone and don't for get to enter to win a copy of my latest releases, Double Take and By Surprise! 

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Is vanilla the new chocolate?

Someone surprised me recently with the thought that a darker character is all the more hot because he appears at first glance to be such an average everyday guy.  I’ve written Jack that way intentionally in my current work in progress Polished, because darker Dominant side is his way of coping.  He’s a good guy at heart and might not even need his kinks if he felt more in control of his life.  In truth, the darkness doesn’t obscure his light the way he thinks it does.  His darker side lets his light be seen all the more clearly.

When Jack gets dark, he takes on a sexy new dimension.  That filthy mouth of his curls toes. The darkness comes on suddenly, surprising you and sending sparks of excitement up your spine.  “First you’re going to get your sweet little ass down from there and bend over the counter while I show you who the fuck is the boss around here.”  I love a man that keeps you guessing, especially when he even surprises himself.  Sure, bad is good.  But good, being bad is absolutely delectable.

We get to know Jack a whole lot more later in the book.  A sneak peek into the start of this complicated MMF menage love story is linked above.  Enjoy.