Six Sentence Sunday #1

SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY! - I'm not a virgin anymore. This is my very first SSS offering and I'm starting with a little something from my latest release, Double Take. Let's start with the beginning, shall we?

Shannon took in the sight of them. Two sleek chiseled frames, perfectly male, unmistakably powerful, standing in nothing but the low hung cotton underwear they’d slept in. She followed the valleys at each of their hips, suddenly grateful for the ten sets of military style sit-ups neither started the day without. Identical bodies stood languidly over her only an arm’s length away, radiating with confidence and compassion and sex. She couldn’t love either of them more, though her reasons for loving each had proven unique if not complex. The Davies twins were one of a kind and no one else but Pryor and Tristan could better prepare her for what she needed to do.

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Susan Arden said...

Quite the tease...makes a person want a second helping. Great six.