Fit To Be Tied (power plays and all that good stuff)

As a kid I used to love to play tug-of-war ... Especially with boys.  For me the power struggle between women and men is simply inborn; something about proving myself, I bet.  But as the boys grew bigger than me and were suddenly men, the jockeying for power took a whole ‘nother twist.  Now it’s the idea of a strong alpha type guy respecting me enough to let me in on the fight, but strong enough to whip that tug of war rope right out of my hand and tie me to a chair with it ... figuratively speaking, of course.  Well, mostly figuratively. 

But the struggle doesn’t end with physical strength. Women wield power in a very different way, though it may take a bit of growing into that power before it’s fully effective.  A lot of what I write about works around the power dynamic of my characters and the ways they manage to indulge and reign in their influence on the one they pursue.  Sex, love and power are a potent threesome, ever-present since the birth of humanity.  Somethings just never get old.

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