Double Take - COVER REVEAL

I'm just loving the cover for Double Take! It captures the vibe of the book perfectly.  It's all about contrasts.  You get a hint to the gritty, raw side of the story here.  In post-apocalyptic New York, all the glitz and prestige is saved for the privileged employees of the one and only corporation still around. Shannon Morris, a high powered executive, couldn't be more removed from the suffering at the bottom of her glass tower in the sky.  We'll follow her as she finds out where she really belongs.

Those gorgeous torsos in the background?  They belong to our heroes; twin brothers Pryor and Tristan Davies.  I totally love their brooding expressions.  It's so right for their characters.  They are serious guys, who like to have serious fun on occasion, when they aren't plotting a take over of Eaglecorp Global, Inc.

Thanks to my cover artist Mina Carter for her vision.  You're the best Mina!

Double Take releases 8/3/12 from Etopia Press. Get it on Amazon, B&N, All Romance Ebooks and other online retailers.

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