There's something all at once ingenious and nostalgic about Xcite Book's line of discreet erotica.  The Secret Library line of collected stories just might be more of a turn on for its prudish appearance.  Touted as a book you could read in public or leave on a night table, it evokes images of well pressed women indulging themselves without the boundaries of decorum.  I LOVE IT!  You won't be able to judge these books by their cover.  But perhaps you can take a gander at the heavy hitters in the table of contents to know that you won't be disappointed.  To top it off, the cover is made of velvet--just perfect for its hoity-toity Victorian vibe.  One thing I just can't resist is a healthy dose of irony.  I'm published with Xcite and I soooo want to call one of these prissy looking gems my own.  I'll certainly be looking out for calls ... you never know. 

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