Feminism Anew

I would consider myself a feminist.  I’m old enough to relate to the idea that the expectation of equality was not always a given. Yet, not so old to understand why so many willfully seek the personification of the feminine victim ideal.  There is a luxury afforded to women coming of age today in enjoying the best of both worlds.  Where much of our society has agreed that women are the intellectual equals of their male counterparts with comparative ambitions and potential for success, it is the choice of many to embrace the role of submission in the shelter or shadow of a more powerful male.  One only has to look at the popularity of vampire themes and the growing infatuation of female victimization in almost all media.

Of course, female submission is not new.  The phenomenon of today’s trends lies in the feminist right to accept, even pursue a submissive role as a matter of preference in a world of opportunities.  The strong independent woman that has evolved as the aspiration goal for a generation of girls, now has the option to discard the weight of that image and trade it for a white hot spanking on her bare ass—just for being her. 

Yes, I consider myself a feminist.  For one, I have an understanding of whence I came, which allows me to appreciate the choices I have today.  Yet as the knowledge of struggle fades, I fear the women of tomorrow will be left with the submissive ideal without the contextual freedom of choice. 

Submission without freedom is oppression.