There's still plenty of uncharted territory in erotic romance to explore. And I just adore new experiences. My latest short story release, Drawing Diego, takes a look at a multicultural coupling rarely seen. This story of a shy Indian woman and her proud yet brooding Mexican neighbor is a celebration of the raw and basic attraction of two very different people.

It's deliciously alluring to imagine how love can buck the expectations of societal norms. As an American, I particularly enjoyed loading this melting pot with cultural references and plenty of spice. Lydia's and Diego's desires are stronger than their differences, they only need to find the courage to satisfy their cravings.

The world is full of engaging cultures and a wonderful variety of beautiful skin tones. I love to mix it up-- imagine a tangle of browns and caramels and tawny tans sliding slick with impatience and struggling to get enough of each other.

Come to think about it, multi has got to be my favorite prefix. ;)

Drawing Diego will be available on August 5th from Etopia Press.