Send is a new erotic novel release by Xcite ebooks! The three heroines (yes three) are near and dear to my heart, each of them strong and flawed at the same time.  And the three heros, well let's just say they all have meltable qualities, but for very different reasons.

Jimmy - oh my Jimmy.  When I began writing Send, his essence seemed to leap from the page for me.  This seemingly benign guy with rivers of sexuality streaming just under the radar is exactly the type I adore.  Untraditionally sexy, with a lanky frame and anti-machismo, a girl might actually let his easy going sense of humor fool her.  But one good look into those deep dark eyes, swirling with complexity and you know there's so much more to experience with this man.  You know that you don't want to miss what mysteries linger just out of reach.

Steve - What a sweetie.  This is the type of guy you call when your car breaks down on the way to the airport and you wish you could cancel your trip and just lose yourself in his smile.  He's kind and open; the guy we all wanted to live next door to growing up.  They might be friends, but Steve is Jimmy's exact opposite, wearing his heart on his sleeve.  He would have been quarterback on his high school football team, a guy's, guy and a girl's dream date.  This man is balanced and steady, a cozy blonde teddy bear in an athlete’s body with a coveted combination of confidence and humility that makes me tingle.

Archer - Well, what can I say about a man who never enters a room without leaving a distinct impression.  He's blunt and unapologetic, with an affinity for the dramatic. He is alpha, first and foremost, but holds his grand stature without pretense.  Archer doesn't need to announce his dominance with blustery remarks or overt aggression.  His trademark cool is seemingly unshakeable and with only a look he makes you want to do his bidding.  He's stylish and a bit self-important, just enough that you want to see if he'll live up to his promise.  I have a soft spot for men who take themselves a little too seriously.  Their intensity is almost magnetic. Archer is a character that I've written before, and will surely write again.

Send will mark my 2nd full length work published by the forward thinkers at Xcite.  In contrast to Bittersweet, this novel is an adventurous frollic into the sexual minds of six very different people.  I hope you find it fun to read and the characters endearing.